BLACK SHEEP CAMP Alexandre Humbert

Design is function,
Design is aesthetism,
Design is ritual,
Design is fantasy,
Design is discipline.
Controlling people’s behaviour is also part of being a designer. A railway station, a holiday camp, a public space, an amusement
park, a labyrinth, and a prison are all places which are conceived to discpline your behaviour in a specific context.
How can the designer, aware of his power of discipline, shape the behaviours of tomorrow?
Most of the time discipline is considered as a consequence of the aesthetics and the function; here, the discipline is put in the front
line, in order to develop objects, installations, architecture and video. The aesthetics (materials, shapes, colors) and the function (stay,
move, wash) are consider as medium in the process to achieve discipline.
Every designer, every architect, every movie director and everybody else has the fantasy of becoming the black sheep of his field.
To help them to achieve their dream I created a disciplinary institution which will guide them to becoming a black sheep.
By entering the “Black Sheep Camp”, you sign a virtual contract which states that there is no way back. The process of the discipline
starts with a baptism, followed by tests that you need to take part in actively, and others that you undergo, passively. The process is
punctuauted by rituals adapted to this specific goal : becoming a black sheep.
This entire process of discipline is completed in 7 different steps.
The first one, at the entrance of the park, is an installation thay you may have seen in your dreams which helps you to enter the park
by aesthetics code that you already know, like the red carpet and lights of the gala movie première.
Once you pass this step, you can’t go back. You enter to the baptismal object, which is conceived as a passive tool – you’ll have to
wait to be disciplined. Thirdly, you have to take a black wool shower, to finalise your introduction into this new behaviour.
After that, you’ll have to learn how to cultivate that which will be your food inside and outside of the camp: grass. You go to the next
step and start to be disciplined as a group, around a table for the Black Sheep lunch-break. Then, you proceed to the secret space,
which is intended to help you change your physical behaviour. This place may disciplining you by the unknown.
Step by step, going into the heart of the camp, the degree of difficulty of that discipline increases. The last phase is conceived as an
evaluation of your black sheep degree.
The more you visit the Black Sheep Camp, the more you’ll have chance to become your fantasy. The process of discipline in the Black
Sheep Camp should be continued at home, alone or in a group.
The camp that you miss, perfect white sheep.PHOTO BLACK SHEEP CAMP

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We are 2nd year students following masters program in Social, Contextual, and Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Here we present our current thesis research, work in progress, hopes and expectations for our projects.

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