UNTITLED vytautas Gečas

Modern culture is pervaded by a taboo on selfishness. We are taught that to be selfish is sinful. To be sure, this doctrine is in flagrant contradiction to the practice of modern society, which holds the doctrine that the most powerful and legitimate drive in man is selfishness and that by following this imperative drive the individual makes his best contribution to the common good. But the doctrine which declares selfishness to be the arch evil is still powerful. “Don’t be selfish” becomes one of the most powerful ideological tools in suppressing spontaneity and the free development of personality.
through the process of fragmentation I interpret generic domestic environment objects. During this process objects obtain their own personalities. In that way selfishness is brought to design. Expressing their true nature through the features of aesthetic, meaning or function objects reveal different aspects of the subject through usage. The attitudes toward others and toward ourselves are complimentary and conjunctive, therefore, selfishness is not only valuable to a subject but also to its surroundings.foto

contact Vytautas: vgecass@gmail.com


About dae-master

We are 2nd year students following masters program in Social, Contextual, and Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Here we present our current thesis research, work in progress, hopes and expectations for our projects.

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