UNTITLED Tauras Stalnionis

My project questions the definition of design. This is very important – I am questioning not the design itself (its origin and essence), but our perception what design can or cannot do. For me, to design is to create, to plan, to direct. From here I make a conclusion – 1.design is universal (designer as a visionary)(because it does not say what should be created, planed or directed), 2.design is immaterial (designer as a director of the process)(because the goal of design is to create not the object but the interaction between the object and the environment; an object has no meaning unless it is put in a context, when there is someone to experience it), 3.it cannot be separated from other forms of art (because all arts fits under this umbrella definition). To design is to answer the questions. Hence, I believe that there is no meaning of having defined borders of creative disciplines because all it brings are just limitations. I think creators should not try to fit into defined frames of the disciplines that are created by and for the viewers/audience from the outside.


My role in the project is to challenge my concept listed above: to act as a visionary director of the process in the field which, according to the classical design definition, is somewhere beyond my, as a designer’s, horizon. Because the work concentrates more on the approach than on the end design, I am working on different projects every trimester. In the beginning of the year I experimented with sound vibrations in order to create sound drawn graphics. On the second trimester I am designing the object – a costume, which works as an instrument during the dance performance and the usage of it – choreography/sound. For the third trimester it will come something else.


Contact Tauras: tauras.stalnionis@hotmail.com !


About dae-master

We are 2nd year students following masters program in Social, Contextual, and Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Here we present our current thesis research, work in progress, hopes and expectations for our projects.

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