ON DESIGN EDUCATION Eugenie de Lariviere


As a student in design, I take advantage of my ‘insider’s’ position to take a look at our educational system from within. Through my research I have come to identify four notions, which together, represent the main ‘pillars’ forming and supporting our academic institutions. These four notions being; community, structure, content and environment, the interactions they have together shapes the establishment.
In reaction to the current education ‘crisis’ we witness the emergence of multiple alternative education initiatives. However, most of these initiatives come into being through diverse art practices, in the context of biennales, museums, galleries etc. and are often ephemeral.
As an ‘insider’ I believe the change must come from inside and I trust in institutions’ potential to reflect and evolve based on what happens within them. The remodeling of our current system is made possible through the understanding of the four supporting elements mentioned above (content, community, structure and environment), and the rearranging of their interactions.
Here I wish to develop a method to reveal multiple possibilities through the definition of these four elements’ interactions, by confronting and comparing different sets of combinations.
For example: Structure=Content implies that if structure makes content, it induces a top-down approach of knowledge, raising the question of knowledge accreditation, knowledge hierarchy, as well as of formal vs. informal knowledge. Whereas Content=Structure implies that if knowledge forms structure it leads to a more bottom up approach of producing and sharing knowledge for example; crowd source and open source systems. The same goes with structure=community vs. community=structure and so on.
Through this attempt at making these notions clearer, I hope to encourage students to rethink as well as to take part in the system through which they are taught.

Contact Eugenie at : eugenie.de.lariviere@gmail.com

Find out more about the research here: OnDesignEducation

and there : Unbornlab

This is (not) a manifesto

This is (not) a manifesto was made in reaction to last July’s DAE crisis.
It is based on the comments posted on the Facebook group (Design Academy Student 2012) created to coordinate discussion during ’Dutch Resign Week’.*
All comments were gathered, sorted in categories (students, heads/mentors, DAE, outside contributors), cut and reorganized to create a manifesto poster.
You may scratch, erase, highlight, cut, …, words and sentences to create your own vision.

*In July 2012 the three heads of the masters program of the Design Academy Eindhoven; Jan Boelen, Joost Grootens and Louise Schouwenberg resigned out of disagreement with the educational changes to be. They were asked back the following week which led to the planned educational reforms being postponed.


About dae-master

We are 2nd year students following masters program in Social, Contextual, and Information Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Here we present our current thesis research, work in progress, hopes and expectations for our projects.

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